Sep 15, 2017

Cat Thursday - Goodbye Jigglypuff

It has taken me a month to write this, as it is such a difficult topic. Jigglypuff has been on my blog since it began in 2010. She was with us for 17 years, and we miss her very much.

 About a year ago, Jigglypuff developed a small lump on her eye. She was already facing old age in cat years. She would go into a room and stare around and meow and not remember where she was. She would cry out sometimes when she sat down because her bones ached with arthritis. She was beginning to get skinny. But every now and then she would have a burst of energy and chase us or play games. But mostly she slept and ate and cuddled.
We didn’t think much of it when she got the lump because our old dog Max developed one on his chin and the vet had said that can happen with old animals. It never seemed to bother Max much and he lived a few more years with his chin lump.

 Then about six months ago, the lump on Jigglypuff’s eye suddenly grew rapidly. I took her to the vet and she tried to aspirate it. But there was no fluid, just a solid mass. The vet said it would grow more and could affect her eyesight. But otherwise she seemed in pretty good health for an old girl, so she would just have to live with her tumour. The vet said we would know when it was time to say goodbye.
After about four months we were surprised that the tumour was growing slowly again, but every now and then it would grow and started to ulcerate. My son would try to clean it as best he could. Jigglypuff was losing condition and we knew she woudn’t have much time left.
It was a hard decision to make, but she was bleeding every day now, so I just wanted a few more days with her, to say goodbye. Also, she was given to us by my brother, and he had passed away two years before. So she was a connection to him.

 A few days before we made the final vet appointment, I had to take my Dad to an appointment. I left the house around 1pm and Jigglypuff was enjoying the sun. She never went far so I left her outside.
I later got a phone call from a vet that they had Jigglypuff at their place. They had obviously read her chip and got my phone number. I rang them very worried and they said that someone had brought Jigglypuff in to their surgery.
By this time I was angry and I said, “So someone stole my cat?”
The girl, who was very snooty, said that someone had “found” her and brought her in because they thought she was a stray. Now Jigglypuff hates travelling in the car and she cries the whole time, and this vet was 20km from our house. I demanded to know who had stolen my cat and she said, “I can’t give you that information!”
I told her we weren’t idiots and we knew she was dying and she was already seeing a vet. She told me to come and collect my cat. Sorry for the language, but she was a real bitch.
When my husband and son came with me, she said that she didn’t know who dropped the cat off, because I had threatened to get the police involved. The thing is, I had spoken to my son by this time, and he said he heard someone in our backyard around 3pm, but he thought it was me checking the animals or doing washing. But I had left at 1pm for Dad’s appointment.

 Anyway, we went and got Jigglypuff and calmed our anger and enjoyed the next few days with her before we had to say goodbye. Needless to say, this person who thought they were being a good Samaritan, actually just added more stress to us and to our cat.

We loved having Jigglypuff as part of our lives and we felt lucky to share her with so many people. We miss her all the time, as many of you with fur babies will know - they leave paw prints on your heart, and really have a place in the family.

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  1. Kate, that is terrible! I can't believe someone would do that! I hate when they try to imply that somehow we're a bad pet parent when they don't even know us and our pets. Real shitty of them. And poor Jigglypuff didn't need that extra stress, for sure.

    Your post had me in tears. I hate that Jigglypuff had to go through that awful tumor. She was such a sweetie...and so beautiful. We will miss seeing her for Cat Thursday. I know we can't possibly miss her as much as you do, but her absence will be felt just the same. Hugs to you and your family, my friend. Rest in peace, darling Jigglypuff. =^o^=

    1. Thanks Michelle. Yes it was a very difficult time. But we made it through with love and cuddles.


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