May 20, 2016

Waking Up Dead Review

I participated in the book tour for this novel a couple of years ago, so it went onto my TBR pile. I'm so glad I read it. It has likeable characters and some real 'edge of your seat' storylines. I love a good heart-racing moment in my fiction.

Callie Taylor thought when she died she might go to Heaven or Hell, but not Alabama. When she wakes up dead in Alabama, after an unexpectedly early death, she has no idea what to do next. Then she witnesses someone else's murder and she just can't let it go.

Just to be clear, this is a supernatural story, but she's not a vampire or a zombie, she's a ghost. So there are complications when no-one can see you, and you just walk right through things.

My favourite character is Maw-maw, she definitely steals the show. She's the wise grandmother of  Ashara, the only person  who can see Callie.

Bond Collins is a great storyteller, and I look forward to reading her next Callie Taylor book.

There is an excerpt here, from Margo's Book Tour:

Waking Up Dead by Margo Bond Collins

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