Aug 22, 2014

cAT tHURSDAY -im redy for my close up

hai hoomans

my stoopid mum is sooo busy wiv the stoopid hooman grand kitten.
i say stoopid becos that kitten sed woof the other day.
i cant beleve it!
she cant even lern miaow lik a normel hooman kitten shuld.

eny ways i got Uncal Rob to tak my pitchers cos my hooman wont tak eny.
she just taks pitchers of the hooman grand kitten all the tim!!!

look how adorabul i am!
worshiip me.

luv Jigglypuff

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  1. Yay! Queen Jigglypuff is back! *Eccles does happy dance* Great Pics!

  2. Oh, Great Jigglypuff, I do indeed worship you. ~xoxo~

  3. Queen Jigglypuff of the lazy sprawl, I worship thee, I'm a cat minion !

  4. Aw the sweetness! Looks so dang content lounging out :)

  5. Oh yes, Jigglypuff, you are gorgeous. Welcome back! We've missed you. :)

  6. How cute is this! Poor Jigglypuff, having to share you.


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