Apr 10, 2014

Juliet Landau's "A Place Among the Dead" (A Vampire Documentary).

One of my most priized possessions is a comic signed by Juliet Landau who played Drusilla in Buffy and Angel.
Consequently, I receive news updates about what she's up to in her career. 

So this arrived in my inbox:

Dev and I are in the midst of work on our feature ­length documentary. Interviewees thus far include Gary Oldman (DRACULA), Anne Rice (INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE), Charlaine Harris, (author of the books TRUE BLOOD is based on), Kevin Grevioux (creator of the UNDERWORLD franchise), David Greenwalt (co­creator of ANGEL and GRIMM), Jim Kouf (consulting producer ANGEL, co­creator GRIMM, writer NATIONAL TREASURE films and the new Jodie Foster project), Tom Holland, (creator of the FRIGHT NIGHT franchise), Mariana Klaveno (TRUE BLOOD), David J(BAUHAUS) among others. Next up we will be chatting with Cole Haddon, the creator of NBC’s DRACULA. 

What could be more fantastic than a documentary all about vampires, by one of the most awesome vampires in television history? It's like this project was made for her. The interview line up is already so amazing, I think this is going to be very, very cool!


The feature length documentary, A Place Among the Dead,

directed by Juliet Landau and Deverill Weekes is an exploration

of the cultural obsession with vampires and what they reveal about

the human psyche. Juliet has a rare vantage point, having 

portrayed the iconic vampire, Drusilla on Buffy the Vampire 

Slayer and spin-off show Angel. The film delves into myths, 

movies, television, literature, music, comic books, subcultures and 

true crime. It chronicles the fun, imaginative, creative side and 

alternatively, the dark, disturbing side. Interviewees are Gary 

Oldman (Dracula), Anne Rice (Interview with the Vampire), 

David Greenwalt, (co-creator Angel and Grimm), Mariana 

Klaveno (True Blood), David J (Bauhaus) and many others 

including a homicide detective who is working on a case directly 

linked into vampire subculture, where fantasy and death collide. 

Also, through the "six degrees of separation" concept, I have now got a link to Juliet because  I have also met Charlaine Harris, at a book signing. So that's a bit exciting for me. *Jokes* Juliet Landau and her husband Deverill Weekes have their own production company, Miss Juliet productions. 

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Juliet Landau's "A Place Among the Dead" A Vampire Documentary

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Juliet Landau's @PlaceAmongDead


  1. My first encounter with vampire fiction was during the 1990s with a game called 'Vampire: the Masquerade' which I once had as a first-edition copy. Even more interesting, though, were the cool people I met playing it -- brilliantly eclectic the lot of them, and some I'm honored to still know today.

  2. woooooww.. I want! so many cool authors as well.

  3. They're interviewing some of my fav people. I'll have to watch this when it comes out.


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