Mar 19, 2014

"Bring your Instagrams to Life" with Sticky9 + Competition

I have been having some fun with Instagram for a while now, where I hang out with some crafty types and some animal lovers. We are always putting up photos of our cute projects and even cuter family members or furry/feathered critters. But I have often thought that some of my really good photos would be lovely to display somehow. I loved the one I took of the koala at the wildlife park a few months back. So imagine how excited I was to be given a go at making some of them into magnets with Sticky9?

My review:

It was so easy to use, I just logged in with my Instagram account and chose the pictures I wanted. The magnets costs $15.99 (AUD) and you should be able to check out at the website how much that is in your own currency if you live elsewhere. Postage is free worldwide, but if you prefer premium shipping, it will cost you a little but you'll get your magnets much quicker.  They accept Paypal and most major credit cards. 

I am thrilled with my magnets which will take pride of place on my fridge along with my "art gallery" by the nieces and nephews. It looks like Beatrix Potter certainly approves of her picture being made into a Sticky9 magnet.

Sticky9 don't just make magnets, they also make phone covers and iPad covers, which you can check out on their website:

Competition and Discount Offer:

If you would like to win a set of 9 magnets of your own from your Instagram account, then you can enter to win in the following ways:

Follow me on any of my social media:

Follow Sticky9 on any of their social media:

Comment below to tell me how many places you are following us, as each one counts as an entry. (More chances for you to win). 
If you are too shy to comment, then you can send me a message through any social media or email me at:
Remember to give me a way to contact you, through social media or email, if you win. 

CLOSES: 26th March 2014

Good Luck!!!

If you can't wait until then, you can order now and get a 15% discount off your first order by using my special code: FRIENDUUG

Stuff you might want to know:

I was lucky enough to receive a free set of magnets for review on my blog, but this is the only compensation I received in exchange for an honest opinion. If you use my special code displayed above or on the side bar to obtain a discount, I may get a small amount of refer-a-friend credit, but it will not affect your discount. (It is called an affiliate link and I declare this on my media page.)

You may revoke third party access to any of your social media at any time, by simply checking which apps you have allowed and then removing them. 

If you have any general questions you can check out their FAQ here or contact Sticky9 themselves. 

Hosted by Kellie O’Brien Media


  1. I am following you on Pinterest, Instagram & Twitter. I am following Sticky 9 on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram & twitter :) fingers crossed!!!

  2. I've had instagram magnets made before and I love them! Such a great way to pretty up your fridge :)

  3. I am following you on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Goodreads and Google+.
    I'm following sticky9 on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.
    I couldn't find you on twitter for some reason, the links just took me to twitter. :(

  4. Thank you. Hopefully I have fixed those links now.

  5. Such a great concept and good to hear from word of mouth that they live up to expectation! Following you on Instagram and Tumblr, and following Sticky9 on Instagram :)

  6. I have just started to follow you on twitter and instagram and I'm following Sticky9 on twitter, instagram and facebook. - thanks I've always wanted to get magnets made!

  7. Wow what a great idea these are haven't seen them before.
    I now follow you via Twitter, Instagram & Google +
    Following sticky 9 via Twitter, Facebook & Instagram

    1. Hi Sonia,
      I'm sorry, this competition ended on the 26 th March 2014.
      But if you are following Sticky9 you may hear of another competition.

    2. Whoops I didn't even think to look at the end date :/

    3. I've worked a little with Instagram, but it just doesn't seem to work well for me. Tumblr is better. The magnets turned out pretty good.


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