Jan 28, 2014

Guest Post: Why Book Covers Are So Important.

Book Covers are one of the most important things when it comes to successfully selling a book. The idiom about judging a book by its cover, usually denotes a persons physical appearance and demeanor. We do, as a society, judge people by their appearance. If I meet a new woman and she’s dressed nicely and has groomed herself… I’ll respond to her better then I do to someone who looks like she just rolled out of bed and threw on whatever jeans and a t-shirt were most likely laying on the floor. Psychological studies have proven that we respond to 80% of what we see (what someone looks like), 15% of what we hear (what someone sounds like) and only 5% of what is actually said. Looks are extremely important.

We respond to book covers the same way. Which is why, book covers need to look professional. Covers of indie novels, need to be able to complete with whatever is coming out of the Big Six.

Since we really do judge books by their covers, not only do you need an attractive cover… You need a cover that fits the content of your book. You wouldn’t put a colorful and cartoonish picture of fluffy bunnies on the front of a horror novel. Not unless the book happened to be titled the Attack of the Colorful and Cartoonish Fluffy Bunnies. A potential reader needs to be able to see a cover and get a feel for the novel.

It is also extremely important to find images that have not been used before, so that you have something that looks incredibly original. There is a drawback to using stock. Most stock is overused. If you use stock you run the risk of your cover being one of these types of covers: Clichés, Clones, Copycats, Deja Vu’s and/or Dopplegangers.

I’m writing book called Design For Authors, which will educate and inform authors as to how they can design their own covers. Coming from a background in Art & Creative Direction, I designed the cover of my novel Wicked, all by myself.

Jillian Kleine Der Löwe 

Jillian Kleine Der Löwe is the author of Wicked.
You can find her at Wicked Jill and on Twitter.
She's currently on tour with Fabulosity Reads Book Promotions.


  1. You know I love you Kate.....nuff said. A girl could not ask for a more wonderful fairy cheerleader

  2. As much as I try not to, I always give a first judgement of a book by it's cover.

  3. I'm the same. I think I am an equal opportunity book reader, but I do judge a book by it's cover. Hehehe

  4. Hi Kate! Thank you for hosting me! I agree about book covers, obviously. I feel bad, because as an author, I really try to give other books a chance... But as a reader, I want a pretty cover. :)


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