Jan 30, 2014

Cat Thursday - My Talking Tom

Welcome to the weekly meme that celebrates the wonders and sometime hilarity of cats! Join us by posting a favorite LOL cat pic you may have come across, famous cat art or even share with us pics of your own beloved cat(s). It's all for the love of cats! Enjoy! This fun meme is hosted by The True Book Addict. Go over to her site to join in the fun.

I have been playing with My Talking Tom from Outfit7. You can download it on your Apple or Android device. You have to feed your kitten, pet him, put him to bed and take him to the bathroom. He then goes through the stages of growth and you can decorate his house and dress him in accessories or change his fur. 

I must be nuts, as if I don't have enough animals to feed of the real kind. My nephew gave up ages ago, saying Tom just says "feed me" all the time. He does make me giggle when he repeats back what you say in a funny voice though. 



  1. That is too cute! I tried to find this on my son's Kindle Fire, but it wasn't under the apps. He found one called Talking Ginger which is a ginger tabby and the same concept I think. They're made by the same people. I told him I need to get a Kindle Fire so I can do it too. HaHa!

  2. I got this app too! I'm still trying to figure out what to do with it. I was able to feed him, pet him, and put him into bed. I just need more time to play. LOL

  3. Thanks for visiting JaneReads! I am now a Fan of Jigglypuff, by the way. I will tell my daughter, who is away at college, about this app. She missed her Maxie while she is away.

  4. This is teh cyoot. I may get this myself and model Tom after Eccles.

  5. I gave up on things like this too. They seem like so much work.


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