Dec 22, 2013

We're having a little break. See you in the New Year.

All the attributions and stuff:

The Santa picture was edited using Android Photo editor with text added in Gimp. 
The other three were created using MyMemories Suite Software. 

Completely customizable projects using MyMemories Suite or download the kits to use with any software like Photoshop or Gimp.
My new chicks are starring in the Grandpa's Workshop Quick Page 1 made by Touched By A Butterfly. 

Jigglypuff is starring in the Christmas Shennanigans Quick Page made by StoryRock
Beatrix & May are starring in the Christmas Cluster elements made by AneczkaW.

These are all currently available for free but be quick.

Here's the links:

You don't need to buy the software to take advantage of the digital kits or any of the monthly freebies.
But, I recommend it as a very easy to use scrapbooking suite.*
When you create your account it will save all of your freebies and purchases for you, so if anything happens you can just download them again.
MyMemories Software, is also the software I used to create my header. 

USE MY CODE TO GET $10 off : STMMMS60349  

*I am an affiliate. 


  1. Merry Christmas! Enjoy the holidays!

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  3. The best of the holidays to you and yours.

  4. Oh this is so amazing. I especially love the one with the chicks....everything, including chicks is beautiful.

  5. May you and yours have a fantastic holiday! Troythulu shall see you all next year, and Mr. Eccles sends his glossy-furred best!

  6. Merry Christmas Kate and all your family and the

  7. Merry Christmas to you and yours, including the critters...and happy new year! These are great shots. Those guinea pigs are so darn cute!


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