Dec 30, 2013

Finishing the Series - Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris

In this post I am reviewing the last two books of the series. 
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This is Book 12 (and the second to last) in THE SOOKIE STACKHOUSE aka SOUTHERN VAMPIRE SERIES

Read an excerpt:

I read this toward the "Finishing the Series" Challenge run  by Socrate's Book Reviews. 

It's always difficult to review books in a series. If you are loving the series and want more, then you will love it. However, as a standalone book it probably won't make as much sense, because there is such a lot of background leading up to the events in this book.

Sookie Stackhouse (our heroine in the series) and vampire Eric are in love, and they are technically married, at least as far as the vampire world is concerned. However, human friendships, vampire politics and various supernatural elements all seem to be intent on destroying this fragile relationship.

Eric has been accused of killing a human woman, and Sookie is pretty sure he was set up. But the fact he was drinking this woman's blood earlier that evening means he looks both guilty and disloyal. There are a lot of trust issues surrounding this Eric/Sookie relationship and a lot of people want Eric to marry Freyda, the vampire Queen of Oklahoma for political reasons.

I felt that Sookie is losing whatever thrill she got from being in the vampire and supernatural world, through shear exhaustion at the number of dangers and issues she has faced because of these connections. However, being part fairy and having such a lot of supernatural friends (including her brother) means she can't completely divorce herself from the whole situation.

I was looking forward to the last book when I read this book and I made sure I didn't read too many spoilers.  However, the hubbub that surrounded the last book in the series made me not want to write about them at all.

But, oh well. I have finished the series and I have the last review ready, too.


I read this toward the "Finishing the Series" Challenge run  by Socrate's Book Reviews. 

There were so many people who were angry about the way this book ended, that I didn't review it for months even though I read it way back in February. I even bought it on Kindle early release.

I was pretty excited about how the series would end and I was fairly sure I knew the way Sookie would develop as a character. I wanted to make sure that I was looking only to the books for clues and reading what was in them, as far as both character and plot development are concerned.
The television series, although it seems based on the same characters and story-lines, is not a good indicator of what was intended for the series. Television plays up to it's fans and panders to them. In the end, it can start looking nothing like the story it was based upon.

At the end of the 12th book Sookie made a split second decision which is now having repercussions. She is examining her own feelings about the situation as well as centering herself to deal with everything that has happened in the last few years.

If you have come this far in the series you will either love what happens or hate it. I loved this wind up to the series and I didn't feel upset about the course of action Sookie took, nor the direction her life went afterwards.

What I was most upset about was the nastiness that was seen a few months back. I met Charlaine Harris briefly when she came to Australia, and listened to her speak. She seemed like a very nice lady, who had dealt with quite a lot in her own life. I don't think she deserved some of the treatment she got, when she has brought us so much entertainment.

If you like spoilers you can find them plenty of places around the Internet.

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  1. My son and his wife are forever trying to get me to read this series. I guess I'll have to give it a try.


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