Oct 31, 2013

Cat Thursday - Chip on her Shoulder

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From the 1st November 2013, Western Australian cats will have to be sterilised, micro-chipped and registered with their local council. 

You can read about these new laws here:



Jigglypuff was sterilised 12 years ago, and she always wears her collar, as we live near a number of nature areas. But she had not been micro-chipped because she was raised in the country and mostly just had a visiting vet and the question never really came up. However, the new laws meant she had to have it done, even though she is 13 years old. 
I took her and Lady Jane (My mother's cat- you can see her here) to the Cat Haven where we got a special and had both the cats chipped for $50 (with a voucher). The Cat Haven do wonderful work for ensuring that cats are looked after and people are responsible owners. 
This is what the chips look like:

Jigglypuff was very distressed going in the car, but once she got home she was just fine. I was so worried about her, she was mewing and panting and she messed herself. But like a good mummy, I had a change bag ready with wipes and new towels and water. But it made me realise just how old she is getting. 
Just to try and prove me wrong she caught a mouse that night and showed proudly she's not over the hill yet. 

Now she has a real chip on her shoulder. Hehehehe


  1. Oh that's a fantastic picture. :D

    Microchipping isn't required where I live and my cat is strictly indoors but if he ever got out, a chip might be handy. I should talk to my vet about that.

  2. Maggie, Grizelda, Chloe Jo and Stella, too, are all chipped. We have found critters and were able to return them to their homes because were chipped. This is a great and important post! Thanks!

  3. How I wish we could have pets but ALAS .... kids with allergies

  4. So cute. Glad she's still got it!

  5. We haven't microchipped our three beasts, not yet, though none of them will appreciate having it done when it becomes necessary. My sympathies for poor JP!

  6. I've been thinking about getting a chip put in Cookie. Sometimes she gets out, but lately not so much anymore.

  7. Poor Jigglypuff! But she has moxie, right?

    Love the lols...especially the second one. Next time I have a chip, I'll put Arya on my shoulder. HaHa!

  8. I guess it's a good idea. We had a cat who could escape from the house quickly. We were often bailing him out of cat jail.


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