Aug 23, 2013

Dealing with Facebook ads that you dislike!

By now you have probably heard of "like farming". If not there's an explanation here from The Guardian.

Basically they started getting our attention with puppies and kittens, then sick babies and disabled kids with "1 like = 1 prayer" and so on. The ethics of this is questionable, there are copyright breaches and the rights of the workers is ignored. They steal people's online pictures to create inaccurate rankings and then sell the pages to other unscrupulous people with a ready made audience to spam. 

But, we cottoned on to this. Many people are wiser and have stopped falling for these scams. So what do they do now? They shock us and offend us into action. 
So if you see the picture below there are 68 comments on this post. Facebbok Edge Ranker doesn't know whether they are good or bad comments, so it is tricked into thinking this is a popular post - so you will see more of it and so will your friends.
For an explanation of "Bumped Posts" see here:

Story Bumping: How To Get Your Posts Seen On Facebook

The best thing you can do is show Facebook you don't like it and it won't show it to you and you won't be adding to the popularity of the post. Much of this is done through complicated coding which we don't really need to understand. We just need to personalise our Facebook saying what we want more of and what we want less of. So use your settings to tell Facebook "No". 

Step 1: I Don't Want to See This:

Step 2: Only choose "it's offensive" for sexually explicit content or serious matters, no matter how appalled you might be, they are the only options. (See below re: Facebook Moderation, why I say this).  So choose - that it annoys you or it's spam, depending upon the circumstances.

 Step 3:  If it's just annoying you won't see any more like it. If it's spam you can say that it is a scam or fake page depending upon the circumstances.

Please be aware that Facebook has to deal with very serious problems of violence and pornography etc, so don't expect a result for more minor stuff.  (They have a large volume of material to go through.) But at least you can tailor the ads more to your liking. AND You can do it in a way that doesn't assist the "like farmers" through either positive or negative feedback.

Here is a post regarding what a Facebook moderator has to deal with, and it may be shocking so prepare yourself. ( WARNING - content may be a  trigger for some people). But it gives a bit of perspective, that if we can block something from our feed and not bother with a serious report then we should choose that option.

The Real Story Behind Facebook Moderation and Your Petty Reports

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  1. These are absolutely terrible and I never comment coz I just dont trust these kind of posts. Thanks for visiting and following my blog today.

  2. I've been suspicious of FB ads like these as well, and it's good that you posted on this, with far too many falling for scams like this. Thanks, Kate. You're a good skeptic.

  3. I so agree. I truly dislike this and am doing just as you say. Geez, there's no way to get away from advertising anymore.


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