Jul 24, 2013

The Frog and The Blogger

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl who was also a computer geek. One day she was busy tapping away on her keyboard when a frog jumped up on her desk. 
"I am a frog prince, " he declared. "If you kiss me I will turn into a handsome prince and I will look after you and do whatever you want." 
The girl thought for a minute and popped the frog in her pocket. 
"Didn't you hear me?" the frog shouted from inside her pocket. "You have to kiss me first so I can become a man."
"Oh, I'm a blogger!" the girl sighed. "I don't have time for a boyfriend, but a talking frog... now that's cool."


  1. Excellent... That'll teach those pesky frogs!

  2. Love it! Never interupt a blogger blogging anyway. lol


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