Jul 24, 2013

GLAM - Delving into our family history

GLAM is an acronym for Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums. It also incorporates other cultural institutions such as theatres, zoos, botanical gardens, public broadcasters etc. (Wikimedia Outreach)

While studying Information Science, I realised that I come across many interesting resources that some people may not know about. I will be sharing some of these on a regular basis, to spread the GLAM knowledge.

A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to go to a lecture bWes Olsen. He is a military historian, author, and volunteer at the Army Museum of Western Australia (situated in Fremantle, Western Australia). . During the talk Wes discussed the uniforms and equipment of the Australian Infantry Forces of World War I. He also talked a little on the nurse's uniforms. This is a special interest of my son's and coincidentally my mum had just shown us a photograph of her uncle in his full uniform which sparked our interest. 

So, today I went to the Perth branch of the National Archives of Australia. Here we were shown how to access immigration records, and passenger lists and also how to do a search for service records. It was incredibly interesting. We were shown some of the archives as well, which because of my studies was just a little bit exciting. 

If you have any interest in discovering your family history I suggest you look at both the State Records Offices and the National Archives. They usually have tours, which is a great introduction, and the staff are really helpful. Many archives are also improving access through digital and on-line repositories which is great for the home researcher. 


  1. Geneology is one of my favorite subjects. I love finding old pics and info on my ancestors. Nice post.

  2. Excellent, Kate. This is something new to make use of!


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