Apr 6, 2013

Genesis of Memory


Way back last year, I went to the Charlaine Harris book tour with my daughter. We were waiting in line to get our books signed and as you can imagine it was quite a long wait. I was chatting to my daughter about some of the books I have signed that are a bit special such as Tom Hungerford and Elizabeth Jolley who have both passed on now, and were wonderful Western Australian authors. I wasn't having a private conversation just general chit chat.

Anyway, the nice lady standing behind me, whom I had noticed as she was wearing purple (my favourite colour), asked if I liked to support local authors. I agreed that I did, and that I enjoyed reviewing books, too. She told me she had published her first book and she gave me all her details. We had a lovely chat, then had our books signed and I promised to contact her.
Anyway, as I have blogged a little about, we have had a lot on our plate. So I did contact the author, and I bought her book from Booktopia. But it was a while before I got to finish the book, due to study commitments and the fact that my schedule ended up way out of kilter because we had many appointments and things to attend. So finally, here is my review of Genesis of Memory by the lovely lady in purple, Joyce P. Johnson.

Synopsis & Review:

Trish is just getting on with life. Not exactly happy, but she makes the best of things and tries to keep to herself and just get on with things. She has lost her brother, the only person on the planet she truly felt a connection to. Devastated, she decides to take a holiday in the country and has a chance meeting with a handsome stranger. This has all the hallmarks of a traditional romance, but it's definitely not that!

Slowly, and with Lucas's help Trish learns that this is not her life. In fact, her name is not even Trish it's Nareena and the reason she doesn't feel like she belongs is because she's from another planet. 
Nareena discovers that she was whisked away from her home planet of Begaria for her own safety, during an uprising, because she is a member of the ruling class. Most of whom have been killed. 
Now, with the help of Lucas (who's not a stranger but her protector and her betrothed) she must somehow get home and save her people from the threat which could destroy their entire culture. 

As soon as I finished this book, I sent Joyce P. Johnson a note saying that I loved the carefully constructed world of Begaria. Johnson has thought of everything including customs, traditions, laws, and history and woven together an entire system separate to our own. You can see many stories waiting to happen in this amazing world. ( I have heard that Joyce is already up to book 4).

I also loved the strong female character of Nareena. Most of the  Science Fiction and Supernatural Fiction I read is written by women, because they know how to write female characters. Nareena is tough when she needs to be, headstrong and intelligent. But she can be soft , loving and warm with those closest to her. I'm sure you will love her as much as Lucas does. 

This is a very clever novel. Many of us feel like we are from a different place at times. 
What if you found out you were actually from a different planet entirely? 

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  1. Love the review. Sure makes this book sound like a good read.


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