Apr 24, 2013

Around our Garden

Quite a while ago I posted some pictures from around our garden. (Here) 

Since then, we have been trying to make the garden more edible and useful. 
Here's some our efforts so far. 

Thai Chilli

Thai Basil

Lemon Grass

You can see the influence from our trip to Thailand

Mango tree that my hubby's boss bought him.

Nectarine tree from hubby's aunt.

First harvest from the Nectarine. 

The chicken pen is now fox proofed! Such a lot of hard work on hubby's part. 

It has passionfruit growing outside. 

There is a fig tree growing inside the chicken pen.

I sprouted some pea shoots which the guinea pigs are going to love. 

I have sprouted some cat grass for my cat Jigglypuff. The guinea pigs will like this, too. 




  1. Those fruits look yummy, and the grass looks like it will be enjoyable to both JP and the Guineas.

    I'll have to talk with the parental unit about getting fruit trees planted in the landscaping work done at the condos we live in...

    Right now we have mostly palms and flower bushes on show, but fruit would be a nice incentive to take part in the gardening myself as well.

  2. Wow. Very nice Kate! I'm so impressed. And an actual nectarine tree? How very neat!

    I love that your growing goodies for the herd too. That's awesome!

    herding cats & burning soup

  3. Oh, I so love what you're doing. I have begged for lavender plants in our backyard.
    That Thai chili plant looks interesting too.
    Very nice.


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