Jan 23, 2013

Salad Days December challenge.

December: The challenge.

The back story to this challenge is that this (2012) has been a really full on year for us. I was diagnosed with sleep apnoea and have had other health issues, Starchaser has also been struggling with health issues and the Butcher has to work long hours, he has gone back to truck driving to help pay all the bills and what not. I'm also at Uni again.

So we were having too many frozen dinners and pizza. It is said that it takes around  30 days to break a habit. So I am starting by challenging us to eat salad every day in December. Right now, it doesn't even have to be low calorie, it just has to be made at home. I'll see how we go, then if I can get used to cooking every night again, I can move back to some of the healthy meals we always used to make.

January: The verdict.

It was a great challenge. I think that we struggled a few times, but it did become the new habit to look what we had in the fridge or cupboard and make something from scratch. I believe that this challenge can work, I'm eager to try and break a few more bad habits now. 

Since this challenge I am cooking regularly again. I have made lots of curries and so on, for the freezer, when I'm too tired or busy to cook. I even had a go at making my own baked beans


  1. This looks delicious. I'm so used to eating prepackaged meals that I tend to prefer food that requires more work than merely popping it into an oven. Yum.

  2. Great job, Kate! Since splitting at from my husband and moving in with mom, I have got back into cooking again (my husband liked to cook so he did a lot of the cooking). I'm kind of enjoying it! I really think that even if what you cook at home isn't the most healthy dish, it is still more healthy than fast food or carry out pizza. I'll be interested to hear what your challenge yourself to next. =O)

  3. You know, this happens so often when we're ill. It's just so easy to grab that microwavable box. good for you. The meals look delicious.


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