Dec 30, 2012

Review of new CPAP mask

I have spoken before about my sleep apnoea, diagnosed this year. Well, it takes a bit of getting used to and I had trouble with the face mask that I bought initially. It would leave marks on my face, I had problems with it slipping if my face was pushed into the pillow, which meant it leaked; and I had to wear and eye mask, because the outlet valves blew straight in my eyes. I think this is because I had to have a smaller mask, but that meant that the outlets were closer to my eyes. Wearing an eye mask continually was making my eyelashes go all funny, too. Something that is not a bother until you want to put mascara on and all your eyelashes are flattened and curving in.
I researched a little and found the new SleepWeaver cloth mask. I wasn't paid for this review, I just want to put it out there, so if anyone is researching like me, then they have another opinion to add to their list. I purchased my SleepWeaver for $AU 150 from CPAP Australia. It had a money back guarantee so I thought it was worth taking the risk.

My conclusion is that it is wonderful. There is much less leakage, it moves more freely when I turn my head on the pillow. I wake up without marks on my face. The outlet valves face downwards and forwards, so it doesn't blow in my eyes, thus I don't need the eye mask. Overall, I am very happy with my mask, if it slips at all, its very easy to adjust once you are used to it, because the fabric blows up like a balloon to make it shape to your face rather than being rigid plastic. I still have a little problem, that the mask is slightly big because the space between my top lip and my eyes is smallish, so the mask has to be just so. Otherwise, I'm very happy and I am waking up a lot less often, due to air leaking that makes that hissing sound.
Please note, the SleepWeaver is not suitable for those who wear full face masks. Please, see your doctor for all health advice concerning your condition.


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  1. Wow, they're finally making improvements on this.


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