Dec 21, 2012

Mozart's Sister

Mozart's Sister takes many liberties with the known story, however, the underlying theme rings true. No matter how gifted or talented Mozart's sister may have been, she would never have been given the encouragement and opportunities that Wolfgang had, because she was a girl. 

The movie is visually very beautiful and Marie Féret is lovely as Nannerl. However her real life sister who plays Louise de France is a little wooden for my liking, but she is young and her acting  may improve with age. Otherwise it's a nice little movie and a must see for all those who have the ridiculous notion that the reason there were no famous female composers from that time was because they had no natural talent. 


  1. Years ago, my brother and I saw the movie Amadeus," which also took liberties with the history, questionably implicating another composer in Wolfgang's death. I'll have to see this one too, but given your review, it's probably a bit closer to the historical thesis than Amadeus was. Thank you.


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