Oct 31, 2012

Perth Fashion Festival 2012

A few weeks back we went to some events for Perth Fashion Festival. When I say "we" I mean Jessi from Jessi in Wonderland and I. I had a very important job, I was umbrella holder and general dogsbody. The weather here has been so changeable, that it can be sunny one minute and raining the next. But since it is spring, PFF have been showcasing swimsuits and summer gear. So if it was a little chilly for us, trying to take some photos for Jessi's blog, then we took a minute to feel bad for the models who were probably freezing, but still kept their gorgeous smiles intact. 

One event we attended was the live photo shoot. You can read about it here.
My umbrella holding skills came into play, as there were intermittent showers the whole time. 

Another event we attended was the Fashionably Loud parade. This was a unique experience of both live band San Cisco and live fashion parade of Zara Bryson's gear. I'm loving the gorgeous colourful kaftans on display this year, as well as the new lime we are seeing everywhere. You can read more here and here.

I'm totally crushing on this gorgeous model, who Jessi & I ran into while buying our coffee. Later found out she was picked as one of the models to watch in the future. 

Picture: Astrid Volzke/The West Australian

We also attended an appearance by Ricki-Lee, where she talked about fashion trends, and her own style tips. She was so lovely to the little kids, and to everyone even though it must be a long night for her, she signed everyone's CD's. 

Photo by Jessi Thorpe

Lastly, we attended a Glam Zone at one of the shopping centres, so we could try out Vixen Eyeliner Strips for free. Very Cute. 

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