Aug 13, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman

Have you been to see Snow White and the Huntsman yet? It's visually stunning. I'm thinking of going to see it again while it's still on the big screen. It's by no means a perfect movie, but I still enjoyed it a lot. The DVD comes out in October and I will be buying it for my collection. But I think you need the big screen to get the best effect.

There has been a lot of talk about all the goings on, off screen, but I'm not really interested in all that. Most people will notice, I tend not to add any gossip to my blog. I have no opinion about Kirsten Stewart either way, but I was surprised because I expected her to be a lot worse after reading the reviews. I did notice that she's stopped the lip biting thing she did in Twilight, Welcome to the Rileys and Into the Wild.

Chris Hemsworth was amazing as the Huntsman. I think that he carried the movie in many places, as did Charlize Theron who played the wicked queen/stepmother with deep rooted psychological issues.

To all the critics who find holes in these fairy tale worlds and flawed logic in the way they work, with the catch-cry "that would never happen" - I use Willow logic and say that's why they're called fairy-tales and not documentaries.

Stories such as this rely heavily upon us having a good knowledge of and background in other stories and legends. For example, the wicked queen takes a milk bath to keep herself young and beautiful. (Cleopatra and Elizabeth 1 were reported to take milk baths for this purpose). The clearly defined good versus evil polarities make it clear who we should be siding with in this tale. The Huntsman, is the tragic hero who was flawed and with the presence of Snow White becomes good again. It's all fairly clear cut. After all, in childhood that's how we want things to be. The beauty of adulthood is we can see the world through children's eyes, but not be so scared of the world.



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