Aug 18, 2012

It's Caturday - news and stuff

I haven't done a news update in a couple of weeks because I'm quite busy with study. But here goes.

Guest posts:

Lemon Tree Books - where I talk about how Tracey and I met and about what FSC means.

Jessi in Wonderland  - where I talk about books, fashion, and Sex and the City.

The Call of Troythulu - where I talk about non-fiction books, life changes, home schooling and skepticism.


I bought a signed copy of Inheritance for my hubby.

I bought a copy of Genesis of Memory. Joyce is the author I met at the Charlaine Harris talk.

I bought a copy of Epilogue which is short stories on the theme of the post apocalypse world.  Which I'm really looking forward to reading.

I've ordered The Corpse Rat King.

I bought a copy of The Sookie Stackhouse Companion and got it signed by Charlaine Harris.

I bought the audio book of The Time Traveler's Wife for those long car trips.


I won a copy of May Gibbs: More than a Fairy Tale thanks to Inside History Magazine.

I won a $50 Amazon voucher from Novel Publicity and put it towards a Kindle.

I won tickets to The Wizard of Oz thanks to Hoyts.

I gave away a box set of 10 Enid Blyton Books and won a set of 21 myself thanks to Hachette Children's.

Remember to enter my Charlaine Harris Giveaway. Ends 31st Aug 2012.


I'm still knitting a long coat, but I haven't had much time to work on it.

I've finished crocheting a minion from Despicable Me  (pattern based on the one at Wolfdreamer)- and I just have to sew it together.

I made invitations for our anniversary party. (below)

I'm just about to make some bookmarks using these freebies from MyMemories. 


  1. You are incredible! I want to be you when I grow up!
    Let me know how you like your Kindle. I am hoping to ask Santa for one!
    We call Grizelda & Chloe "minions". *LOL*
    I want to see the coat when you finish it. Maybe I can order a hooded poncho...? Or you know someone...?
    You are incredible...seriously. :)

  2. The truth is that you are really their minions. Thanks for the compliment. But you made me realise that it's okay to put up the fun achievements, maybe I should do a blog post about the not so fun things that makes us all human. I'm so snowed under with Uni at the moment and I still have my son's jumper to make which he probably won't get until next winter :) But I'll have a think of someone who might be able to do you a poncho on order.

  3. After seeing the trailer for "Despicable Me" (and I couldn't stop laughing the whole time...) I've plans to see the movie on video. I do sometimes suspect that the ebil Eccles may be up to tricks when he does things, but he just looks so innocent sometimes (probably a diabolical ruse!). Seriously, though, it looks like you've been quite busy lately, and that's good... Thanks for the link back, and I'm glad to have someone besides my Troythuluness contribute to teh bloggy!


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