Aug 2, 2012

Charlaine Harris in Australia & a Giveaway

Sorry I am late with this post, but crazy life took over again :)

My lovely daughter and I raced into the city to see Charlaine Harris on Tuesday Night. I was very excited because I have read all of her Southern Vampire Series books except the last two.
Charlaine did a Q and A where she answered questions about her books and characters including Sookie Stackhouse, Lily Bard, Harper Connelly and Aurora Teagarden. She disappointed a few readers when she said that she didn't have Bill and Eric locked in her basement - only in her mind :)

Charlaine has a great sense of humour and answered questions so graciously - even the very silly ones. She talked about working on her new book and how all of her main characters will make an appearance somewhere in this book. She has finished writing the last Sookie Stackhouse book and that will be out in 2013. Charlaine also discussed some of the ways she researches her novels and the differences between what she writes such as "Jason is a horndog" and actually seeing Jason act this way on screen (she blushed, too. I'm glad it wasn't just me). When asked which character or trait she wished she had thought of from the True Blood series, she said Jessica. We all agreed, she's a great character. She also, said that although she killed off Lafayette in the book, that when she wrote him - he wasn't "fabulous" so she understood why they didn't kill him off in the series.
I got to ask a question. I was so nervous I had to repeat the question. My question was "Virginia Wolf said that in order to write, a woman needs money and a room of one's own. Is this true?" She answered "Yay, Virginia" and that she agreed. She was so grateful to her husband Hal for allowing her the financial freedom to write when they didn't have much money. She also said she has always had a room of her own to write and that she started with a very tiny one, but now it is considerably bigger. Charlaine was thanked profusely for making the effort to come to Perth on her tour, for which we were all very grateful.

All photos by Jessi Thorpe. While I was in line to get my book signed, I met another very lovely lady who is a local writer. But I'll leave that story for another post. 

Now here's the exciting part. I have a signed copy of A Touch of Dead (Sookie short story collection) for one fabulous reader of my blog. 

Here's the conditions:

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2. Answer a question: Who is your favourite Charlaine Harris character and why? 

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  1. To be honest, Kate....I have never read any of them, but my daughter just loves them...
    Love the photo of you with Charlaine :)

  2. Just today at library I found a collection called "Blood Lite" (shades of a bad vampire bar joke) including some of Charlaine's fiction. Awesome pics!

  3. Kim m galwayst@hotmail.comAugust 3, 2012 at 9:46 AM

    My favourite has to be the very sexy Sookie, I love her

  4. I love sookie...she is my fav because there is still so much we have yet to discover about her and her abilities

  5. Pam would be my favourite the tough exterior but a softy at heart with unconditional loyalty to her maker. Love her to bits.
    Thanks for a great read
    Sarah j Collett

  6. I'm always so excited to hear how much people love Charlaine Harris. I live in the same small Arkansas town as she does. I've seen her a few times, and she came to our small Creative Writing class at out small local college. She is so wonderful and such a pleasant lady. Around here, we are all so proud and happy to share her with the rest of the world.

  7. Weird coincidence...well maybe not so weird since Charlaine Harris was in Perth this week. I have never read any of the books and was only aware there is an author by that name. Then I was in the library a couple days ago and the Sookie Stackhouse Companion was on the new books display and attracted my attention. I saw it included short stories and checked it out, not realising there are all these books she's written about the characters until I opened it up to read. So plan to go back and find the books and start off properly instead of reading spoilers. I will post back should I manage to complete one by the end of the competition.

  8. I love how Sookie uses her ability instead of hiding it, which would definitely have been easier - but love the parallels between me and Tara Thornton, first name, partying prior to marriage and then having twins - amazing!

  9. I love Eric Northman. Did I say love? I meant LOVE! He's such a strong character, but also has a soft side which was exposed. Love him in the books, but don't mind watching Eric on True Blood either.

    Fantastic giveaway and you are one lucky lady to have met Charlaine Harris. Great photo!!

  10. Sookie Stackhouse, because she is such a strong and unique character which only builds higher with every chapter/episode. With what she's been through and falling in and out of love, losing/gaining friends and enemies I think we have not seen the best of her yet !! With a few best friends, not so smart Brother, love interests and a special power, I'm getting more and more addicted to True Blood!!

  11. Harper Connelly, as much as I like Sookie sometimes I just want to grab her by the shoulders and shake her! Harper is such a strong woman, flawed and realistic but determined to put her rough past behind her and make the best of what she has.

    kate1485 at hotmail dot com

  12. Oh and I'm a fan of the FB page as Kate Ryan :)

  13. Eric Northman, particularly after encountering his vulnerable alterego in Dead to the World. Mm mm.... Fangs for the chance to win a signed book!


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