Jul 24, 2012

Picaso to Warhol at the Art Gallery of WA

Picasso to Warhol: Fourteen Modern Masters from The Museum of Modern Art, New York16th June - 3rd Dec 2012 at the Art Gallery of Western Australia
We went to this exhibition a few weeks ago and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was awed to be standing in front of the likes of Picasso and Jackson Pollock. I was fascinated with seeing an actual Calder Mobile.  There were Mondrian's and Matisse's, as well asJasper Johns.  I was very entertained by the Warhol's - especially the Campbell's soup cans - because of our family name. I came across some other modern artists which I knew very little about, and snapped a couple of photos of works using patchwork and crochet as their themes. All in all, a wonderful exhibition. 

 An actual Calder mobile. Fascinating!
Crochet by Louise Bourgeois 
 Patchwork quilt - Bearden 
 Jasper Johns

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  1. Kate, I wonder what stories these works of art would tell if they could speak... Magnificent!


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