Jul 2, 2012

Just some stuff I made.

Here are two projects I made which were inspired by pictures on Pinterest
I can't find the exact posts, but you've probably seen the same ideas around the net lately.
The first is a magnet board. I used a tray I got from an op shop and then sprayed it black. 
My hubby drilled two holes for me and I added a decal I got from Typo

The second one is a spoon holder which I sprayed in a lovely greenish colour. 
What colour would you call it? I'm not good with colour names. 
Anyway, my Father-in-law gave me the hint that spray paint cans are quite cheap from Auto shops. So I ended up with five cans for ten dollars, which is awesome. 
I added the spoons we got for our wedding from my hubby's Aunt and the cocktail forks we got from my Nan. I was going to polish them but hubby liked them just as they were, so I left them like that. 

Have you made anything inspired from Pinterest lately? It's so popular that people have started groups to share this very thing. 
Hope you are having a great start to the week.

P.S. Did you see me on Craft Gossip last week? 


  1. Love these ideas Kate...sadly, I am not as imaginative as you...I particularly like the tray with the birdcage decal...Well done

  2. I've seen the magnet trays, and I have one in my pile of to-do crafts. I think it is a great idea. I hadn't seen the one on the spoon holder though. Adorable.


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