Jun 23, 2012

News and stuff! Link up.

What's been happening with me?

  • Well I told you all about how I had a sleep study done which you can read about hereThis week I found another article talking about the dangers of not sleeping well.
  • On Cat Thursday we had a visit from my friend Troy's cute kitten Mr Eccles,
  • I have updated my links page to show Special Offers, Special Friends and Special Communities. I hope it's more organised now. 
  • I finally added a media page - but am so excited that my numbers have already gone up since then. 
  • Don't forget to enter my Enid Blyton giveaway if you live in Australia. Sorry I can't open it internationally. I think this is the first one I've done that's been restricted though. It's only because it weighs so much and the postage would cost too much. 
  • Next week I will be on a well known blog - so watch out for this news. 
  • This week my daughter was quoted in Cleo magazine.
  • I also helped my friend Tracey from The Lemon Tree Book Co. to launch her blog.
  • I have been working at the Local Studies Library helping add metadata to the scanned historical images ready for the online catalogue. This is amazing and interesting work.
  • My son (whom we call Starchaser) was awarded his Certificate IV in small business.
  • Next week I plan on working on my "About Me" and Linkedin profile
What about you? Now I'm starting to feel a bit more well rested thanks to CPAP therapy, I am dying to catch up with all your news. Please link up below with a story from your blog so I can check out what you've been doing.  Also, please consider visiting each other's pages. There are no rules about having to use my badge or anything - this is just a "one-off", catching up with blog news, all round fun event. The linky will be up for one week.

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  1. Hi Kate! Okay, will see how that blog linky works! :D Though I spend lots of time on Ravelry, I try to visit more of friends' blogs too (outside the social networks such as FB) as that encourages everyone to keep on blogging and sharing. :)


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