Jun 19, 2012

Cupcake Pincushion.

I made this little pin cushion in one night. It would be an ideal gift to make with the kids so they could give it to their teacher or grandmother or favourite Aunt who sews. I crocheted a little circle for the icing, but you could knit one, or just cut out a nice lace flower or something depending upon your preference. The pearl head pins look just like cashous that you use in cake decorating. Hope the pictures help you to see how I made it.


  1. So pretty, love the pearls! I'm a new follower from crazy mama's blog hop :)

  2. I have tagged you to receive the Liebster Blog Award, Kate! This blog award is given for blogs that have under 200 followers.

    Find out more at: http://abookwormstreasuretrove.blogspot.nl/2012/06/liebster-blog-award-i-got-tagged.html


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