Apr 10, 2012

Easter Weekend Break

Whether you celebrate or not, it's the perfect time for a break and some family time. I  was pleased to note that our state had a zero road toll, which was a good result, so well done to all the careful drivers and those who showed good judgement.
Even though I've been doing my heart health diet (the first diet I've ever been on in my life by the way) I still got a couple of treats. One nephew thought it would be a cute gag gift to give me some carrots instead of the usual chocolate. So clever. I'll be able to share them with the guinea pigs. We had a lovely weekend resting with the folks and our offspring.

Also, yesterday I announced the winner of my giveaway - which was Jessie H - congrats to her for her win.
How did your break go? Perhaps you had to work - so many people doing important jobs from saving lives to feeding those who can't look after themselves. I admire these people like my brother-in-law who give up every holiday because of the important jobs they do.

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  1. It's good that you've been taking care of your health...more than I've been doing lately, with all of the caffeine in my diet(staying away from energy drinks, though...).

    But the treats look yummy, and I'm sure the Guineas will love the carrots!

    Greetings from Mister Eccles and myself to you, family and pets. *Mew*


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