Feb 8, 2012

Knitting Nancy or French Knitting

I came across one of the kid's Knitting Nancy, so I decided to have a play.


  1. You've been busy, Kate... I'm reading up on some of Martin Gardner's articles on knots and knot puzzles, in "The Colossal Book of Mathematics," which is proving interesting.

  2. I have just come across your blog and wanted to tell you that I love it - it's totally full of my kind of things. I'm also a lover of Books, Crafts and of course other pretty things. I look forward to more of your posts! :)

    Stephanie @ Stepping Out of the Page
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  3. Hi Kate!
    Loved this post! I am a fellow Aussie (Vic) who happens to collect knitting nancies (spool knitters). You may like to take a peek at my blog which is all about collecting them - you will be surprised to see lots of different ones there. http://spoolknitter.blogspot.com .... and I also currently manage Yahoo Spoolknitter and Flickr Spool Knitter (links in right hand column of blog) ... maybe we will see you there. Have fun with your knitting nancy!
    cheers, Maz aka spoolknitter aka crazyhaberdasher


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