Feb 22, 2012

Guest Post: How To Look Stylish With Personalised T-Shirts

When t-shirts first became a major feature of the culture, they were actually seen as a part of undress by the older generation. But over time, the t-shirt has become a more than accepted and almost essential element to casual wear. T-shirts generally carry the reputation of being a casual item, and it can be difficult to look stylish and put together when wearing them. Here are some simple pointers to make your special personalised t shirts a more fashionable piece of your wardrobe. 

Pay Attention to Grooming 
One of the main reasons t-shirts may seem a bit sloppy is because people sometimes wear them when they aren’t too fussed about how people think they look. The road to looking stylish in your personalised t-shirts is by taking a little time to look your best. Be clean. Nothing subtracts from the appearance of class like not having showered recently. Always make sure your hair is how you want it. Messy hair can detract from your efforts of good grooming. Girls, be careful what make-up you choose. Most people would agree that the natural look looks far better than the full works. Before you go, take a look in the mirror to see that everything is in place. You have taken a giant step from the slob who wears a t-shirt because it is there to the individual who knows how to wear personalised t-shirts with style. 

Coordinate Colours 
Jeans are the usual choice when deciding what to wear with t-shirts, and nearly every colour looks good with jeans. This makes it a lot easier for you to look put together when wearing personalised t-shirts, because you don’t have to worry about clashing colours. If you want to wear khaki cargo pants instead, try to choose shirts that have earth tones, like greens, or dark colours like blue. Bright reds and yellows don’t go as well with the light tones of khaki. Since the main colours in your outfit are taken care of, you can spend more time thinking about your  accessories. Shoes are pretty basic, but think about the pair you choose before you put it on. Worn down sneakers don’t have an appearance of stylishness. Girls, why not wear a colourful pair of heels that compliments your t-shirt? Think about every part of your outfit, about whether the colours coordinate and about whether it has a stylish appearance. 

Be Confident 
The most noticeable marks of a stylish person is their confidence. They are comfortable in their own skin and content with their appearance. They are confident that the choices they made from their closet this morning are good, and don’t give it another thought. If you want to look stylish in your personalised t-shirts, once you are dressed, don’t worry about it. If you think you look fine, your opinion will show through, and other people will agree with you! Taking care to make sure you look your best and knowing it will make you look stylish whether you are wearing a business suit or your favourite personalised t-shirts! 

by Michael Turner
(for VistaPrint)

Note from Kate:
Thanks for those tips, Michael.
Here is my personalised T-shirt I ordered last year.

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