Feb 22, 2012

Darwin's Children by Natasha Larry

It's funny how things happen. I have seen Natasha online for quite some time. You know how you seem to interact with authors and book bloggers. One day Natasha posted a link for a freebie of her book on a book blogging site. So I signed up, because the teaser was interesting and the title really appealed to me. 

Natasha kindly sent me an e-book copy and I was so thrilled with it, I wanted to share it with you. 
I was expecting a paranormal young adult novel, but this book captured me in other ways. There is, of course, the paranormal aspect because the main character (Jaycie Learner) and her unusual family have special powers that seem to be bestowed upon certain people as a form of advancement or evolution of the human race. However, you aren't always handed every piece of information. Sometimes the characters don't know themselves what's going on and other times they may even be wrong about their assumptions. There's plenty of room for personal speculation and reader's flights of fancy and theorising. 

I try not to read other's reviews before I do my own, but I did note someone saying that they disliked some of the choices the characters made in this book. To me, this was the best part. The characters are real, they are flawed and they won't always make the right choices, but they must learn to deal with the consequences and accept them. 

Anyway, I loved this book. It gave more than I expected and I enjoy being surprised like that. But don't take my word for it. Read a synopsis and  an excerpt at Penumbra Publishing or follow Natasha Larry's blog and decide if this is for you. 

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  1. Yay! Might I do my happy dance? I'm so glad you enjoyed it, hon. You gave me a big, bright smile.


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