Dec 15, 2011

I love getting mail...and other cool stuff!

Okay  - if you're not into make -up and stuff you might want to skip straight to the Wedgits link, they are very cool!

Otherwise read on...

I have changed all the bills over  to paperless which means we just get an email reminder when they are due. 
So very rarely would we get a bill in the mail. This means  that most of our mail is fun,fun, fun.

We've had the usual holiday cards especially from all our dear older friends and relatives who stll value a greeting card. 
I also do a lot of shopping online, because my health is still not great and  it's easier and I love getting parcels. 

Here's a few parcels I've received lately from shopping:

Typewriter Ribbons, see my typewriter here.

Nose Studs

Here's a few freebies I've received lately:

I love this lipstick, which I got through my daughter Wonderland Styling.

A cool Artline Pen. Ever noticed how your Artline is the one marker in your pencil case that hasn't run out after five miutes of use?

Other  cool stuff  I got (but not in the mail) was:

One of these beauty pods for applying makeup (purple of course)through my daughter again. She has a blog post about them here.

Some of this cool nail polish which I heard about from RoqChic
What I also like about this brand BYS is that it stands for  Be YourSelf!

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