Jun 4, 2011

Coffee talk - What a week!

My favourite coffee is definitely from Muzz Buzz. They make the most awesome coffee, I really like their Frappe's as well. Unfortunately, lately the budget doesn't stretch to bought coffee's very often. We have taken to making our own in a plunger which I picked up from the opportunity shop for a couple of dollars. It certainly tastes better than instant.

I'm almost finished all my assignments for this semester at University. Then it will be exam time. It's been a hard slog this time because of my headaches. But thanks to an excellent physiotherapist my neck is heaps better and the headaches and dizziness have stopped. He also gave me some great hints about my computer work station, which has helped a lot.

Last Friday I went to a breakfast with the awesome ladies from WITWA. These ladies are so inspiring and I enjoyed myself immensely. I know I rabbit on a bit, so I hope I didn't make a bad impression. But I am so enthusiastic when it comes to technology. This talk was about Social Media & Privacy and certainly got my brain working. I love when people give you a new angle to think about things. There is always something new to learn.

We had a bake sale at University to help send us to a student conference, so I was making cupcakes on Tuesday night. But Wednesday felt really positive and we made a good effort. The lady who runs the Mature Student's group is a dynamo with such energy, she puts me to shame. I also had a great session with the University counselor. I feel like I am getting on track with my studies and I'm feeling positive. I think I have to not put so much pressure on myself to excel, but just to succeed.

This week I also finished my granny square skirt, which I based on the idea from this Christopher Kane one. 

Next week I am babysitting a cute little dog, he is a Maltese x Shih Tzu and he is as cute as a button. Watch this space, because I'll have to put a post on him. Should be an eventful week. Hope you all have a great weekend. Bye for now.

Hugs, Kat

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