Apr 18, 2011

We lost our old mate...

Over the weekend our lovely dog and good mate, Max passed away. He was a good and loyal friend and a part of our family and was almost 15 years old when he passed.

When we first got Max our youngest hadn't even started school. He came from a farm in the Wheatbelt near where we lived. At the time we had our own butcher shop and he was the epitome of being as happy as a butcher's dog.
He kept an eye on the kids, and whenever we asked him where the kids were, he would take us to them. He would round up the chickens for us when they were out and scrounging. He loved riding in the truck with my husband and he would stick almost his whole body out the window, not just his head.
Whenever you felt sad or down, he would come and lay his head on your lap or tuck his head under your arm for a cuddle.
We know we were lucky to have him for 15 years, but it still felt too soon to say goodbye.
But once again he helped us all. With some pretty major stuff happening in our lives right now, he helped us put things in perspective and helped us grieve.
We will miss him always and never forget him.


  1. I am so incredibly sorry to hear that... I've had dogs of mine pass away and it's so heart wrenching. They are such innocent and good souls... their lives are too short. There must be dogs in heaven... I'm convinced. Hope you can find peace in your time of grief.

  2. Commiserations, had some close calls with our pets this year. Like losing a friend that's always there for you and never angry at you.

  3. I still can't bring myself to write about how much of a hole he has left in my heart, let alone finding the words that would do him justice. You always seem to be able to put into words my own feelings. You are an amazing person and I love you whole heartedly. Thank you.

  4. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. What a difficult thing to go through. I'll be sending some comforting thoughts your way *hugs*

  5. so sorry to hear bout max's passing away... opps by the way included you in my list of versatile blogger awardees, do check out my site,too! thanks a lot!

  6. It was about this time just last year that my family lost old Sammi, one of our cats, when she was almost 18 years of age.

    When pets are as close to us as Max was to you, and Sammi was to me, it's harsh.

    It took me over a month to get over Sammi, and I think that there's still an empty spot inside me that will never forget her.

    My condolences over your fur-friend's passing...I have a good idea how you must feel.

  7. I'm sorry for your loss.. My deepest sympathy for you xxx

  8. Aww, he was beautiful... Sounds like he had a wonderful life.


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