Mar 21, 2011

Minnawarra Festival 2011

I was lucky enough to go mad on the weekend with yarnbombing or yarnstorming and some yarn art at the local Minnawarra Festival in Armadale yesterday. The local Armadale Knitting Club also put up some great displays including Sue dressing the Paddy Hannan statue in knitted jumper, hat, shoes, elbow pads and knees pads and a knitted skateboard.

 There was also some great arms tied to a seat to give free hugs.

Here are my yarn art pieces:

Giant Knitting:
The Butcher (Hubby)  made the needles.

Giant Knitting 2
Giant Knitting

Large God's Eye:

Large God's Eye
Large Dreamcatcher:
Large Dreamcatcher

Spider & his web with egg sacs by the Butcher ( my hubby):
Spider & Web

And here is where I went mad around Memorial Park with my yarnbombing:
Yarnbombing 3
Yarnbombing 8
Yarnbombing 7
Yarnbombing 2

Yarnbombing 1
Yarnbombing 4


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photos. I'm a crocheter and quilter, and I always enjoy events like the one pictured. Looks like you had a sunshiny spring day too. I enjoyed your post.

  2. Yes, Kat, the pics are awesome. It's always a Good Thing™ to see the constructive uses of things that people do for fun.


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