Jan 4, 2011

Some of my books.

Back when I only used to do Tumblr, I posted some pictures of my old books. So I thought I would add them to this blog. 
I am hoping to learn some more about book repairs this year and will keep you posted if I learn any cool tips.

 There are some I picked up from Markets & Second hand shops. However, many belonged to my Father or Grandfather. The science and photography books are from  my Dad’s collection. I’m particularly fond of the Asimov.

My Father brought the “World of the Children” with him from Scotland as a young teenager.

Some more of my Old Books Collection - Fiction. 

Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen
This is quite an old copy, but I couldn’t find a date on it.

The Man with the Golden Gun by Ian Flemming. 1964

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