Jan 2, 2011

Cool stuff

Unfortunately I had both a bad end to 2010 and a bad beginning to 2011.
But I refuse to let other people's negativity and nitpicking get me down.
So as usual I will only concetrate on the positive things whenever possible.
Here are some cool things in my life right now.

This necklace our niece made for me:

This cute little mouse our friend made from nuts he found in our back yard:

The fact that I had all my kids with me last night. Including the two I gave birth to, the one that married into our family and the one who found his way into our hearts when he was just a kid.

The constant presence of the butcher, my husband who is always there for me no matter what. Who is my life, my heart...

* heart picture from  http://www.free-extras.com/


  1. I can't believe how lucky I am to have you in my life. It seems to me that we are always stronger when we are together. Not just us, but people in general. This can be for good or bad I suppose, but with you it is always for the better. This world is is a nicer place just by having you in it Kat.
    Also...... you made me cry at work. Well done!!


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