Nov 26, 2010

Our Garden

All of these photos of our garden were taken by our son StarChaser

Our Garden 6

Our Garden 1

Our Garden

Our Garden 8

Our Garden 7

Our Garden 9

Our Garden 10

Our Garden 11

Our Garden 12

Our Garden 2

Our Garden 3

Our Garden 4

Our Garden 5

Our Garden 13


  1. Your garden must really be quite stunning! I love the snail pic and also the one of the Gardenia - they are my most favourite flower of all.

  2. wow, pretty pictures! how old is your son? he's good! :D

  3. Thanks everyone. I've had a lot of help and we are only about half way through our projects. We are currently building a chicken pen.
    Jill, my son just finished high school. He did a Multimedia course this year, so he's learnt a lot.
    I am the worst photographer, so I get him to take a lot of my pics.

  4. Hello Kat! I am from Brisbane.
    Lovely pictures! Looks like you're enjoying your garden :)

    I am your new follower, so wll be looking forward to see more of your posts.


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