Nov 4, 2010

A New Life Attitude

This has been a huge year for me.
My beautiful daughter was married this year. *

There was a lot to organise and I also did the flowers, which I think turned out pretty okay. More pictures here.

Bride's Bouquet

After more than 8 years of homeschooling, my youngest has finally finished and both my children have secured places in courses at Technical Colleges. So I am busy getting rid of all the accumulated learning materials, books etc.

I have had a long term illness which I have overcome and am now on the road to recovery and my husband had an injury with which he is still coping and doing rehabilitation for, and he had to change jobs because of it.
In between I have been studying again. And any woman reading this will know I have been doing those million things that wives, mums, daughters, daughter-in-laws and sisters do daily.
But the biggest change I have had is an attitude adjustment. There was no way I could have gotten through this year without friends (real & online) and a fair amount of "me" time.
I was a ... ohh noo don't say it...boom...boom..boom...anal housekeeper!!! But I just couldn't keep it up and get my health back as well as manage what I had on this year. So I learned to prioritise what was really necessary and am now proudly able to leave the house without the beds made, dishes done and so on.
Now this might not seem like such a big deal, but let me tell you, I had years of untraining to do.
So now here is what my day looks like.
Yesterday I ran into our local town to grab my library book I'd been waiting on, as I am working my way through Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse Novels (True Blood). I had planned to come home and throw on some washing, take stock of what needed done around the house and make a dent in moving some new furniture in to place.
Anyway, book in hand I started browsing the shops (something I really missed when there was no time). Then I ran into my brother, so we had lunch together. I drove him home after a nice long chat, stopped by the secondhand shops and got a jug, some books, a cute little sign that said "This isn't clutter...these are my priceless antiques" and this excellent plate:

Then I fuddled around putting books on shelves while chatting to my mum & sister on the phone, caught up with my hubby & son over some chocolate that I picked up as a family treat, did my nails and enjolyed some Vampire Diaries which my daughter had lent me - a present from her new husband. And somehow the washing never got done and the furniture is still not finished being placed & filled and we need milk and probably other items from the shop. But am I happier? You bet I am...

*Wedding Photo by Jodie Capobianco Photography - all rights reserved.

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