Nov 22, 2010

Five minutes to spare...

I have been finishing up an assignment - the last for the year.
We've also been quite busy socially. 
I am madly working on craft piece - which I am a bit excited about and which I will post about towards the weekend. 
But I have five minutes to spare.

When I have five minutes to spare, I grab a cuppa, but do you know what else I do? Check Facebook? No. Check Twitter? No. Check email? NO!
I check my RSS feed to see what the bloggers have been up to. I find other bloggers to be so interesting and inspiring.
The crafty ones inspire me to creativity, the reading ones inspire me to read and to write, and the science & skeptic ones encourage me to think.
When you only five minutes to spare for the Internet what do you do?
Yes, I mean you!

It's morning tea time here, so have a cuppa with me :)

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  1. Same way! I just love seeing all the great ideas that are out there - fills me with all kinds of creativity!


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