Oct 11, 2010

A Mad Tea Party

Is there anything lovelier than a tea party? I love to give tea parties, but they don't have to be traditional and they can be as mad as you like. When I was little I would often have tea parties with my teasets, at my Nan's, with my Mum and sister, with my friends. I was also, terribly fond of "Alice in Wonderland" and had read it several times before I reached high school.

Knowing of my love for "Alice in Wonderland", my brother bought me the new Tim Burton version and I watched it on the weekend. How cool was it? Did you love it? I did. There was a lot of running around and silly throw away lines - I think Lewis Carroll would have approved.

I once heard Jennifer Byrne from First Tuesday Book Club describe "Alice in Wonderland" as being rich in character and having no plot. Usually a recipe for disaster in a novel - but history has spoken as have Lewis Carroll's fans.

Viewing the new Alice has inspired me to share a couple of my favourite Alice things I have come across in recent times.

Design Sponge has a page dedicated to living in "Alice in Wonderland" which is here.

You may have already seen this gorgeous altered book from Su Blackwell.

I'm also loving these pendants and brooches from a Twittery Pal Jubly Umph Originals.

In case you missed it - the incredible application - Alice for the iPad.

Back in May we had a lovely, mad tea party for my daughter's kitchen tea. Here are a couple of ideas if you wish to have your own:
I made flowers with eyes. (See below)
Mini "playing card" table scatters.
"Eat me" labels on the food.
"Drink me" labels on the water & drink bottles.
Lots of different tea cups.
Teapots with different types of tea.
Crockery with hearts on it.
Chess set.
Everyone wore a hat.
White rabbit candles (from Easter time).
Played the movie on TV.
Mini tea party with dolls.
"We're all mad here.." and other signs.
Gift bags with teabag, coffee sachet, chocolates etc.

The bride was dressed in a toilet paper dress made by her dressmaker (Aunty) and Bridesmaid (Groom's sister). We also got her make up artist (Aunty) to put lipstick on her while blindfolded.

Alice in Wonderland Flowers

Anyway, that's it for today, so I'm off to paint the roses red.

More information about Lewis Carroll and a list of the different versions of "Alice in Wonderland" can be found here at the Lewis Carroll Society.


  1. Oh, I HEART!!! The new version of Alice has made it straight into the coveted position of being one of a selection of my all time favourite movies ("Chocolat" featuring Johnny Depp as well, is another, I'm a J.D fan!)and I have watched it several times over since receiving it for my birthday. Have you watched the extras yet? Before they started filming, both Johnny Depp and Tim Burton independantly drew illustrations of what they thought the Mad Hatter would look like - they turned out drawing exactly the same thing, albiet in their own personal drawing style. Amazing how their minds thought along the exact same lines. In my mind they are both geniuses and this film, from the underlying message to the actors to the costumes to the special effects is simply, simply amazing. Oh, and I love all the other gorgeous Alice stuff you have going on here too! Sorry to waffle on so - I just got excited when I saw what your post was about!! So glad you like the film too :)

  2. I'm so glad you are excited. I sometimes think I am the only "mad" one out there. But the people I follow are mostly mad and they get me excited about stuff, too.
    I haven't watched the extras, yet. But I will do.


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