Oct 5, 2010

Having Fun with the Lunch Punch

Every holidays my nephew has a visit. When there is no Kindy and no swimming lessons, he likes to come to Aunty Kat's. As my children are quite a bit older now, I try and think back to the kinds of things we used to do, so we can have some fun.
Well just before the holidays the lovely blog Craft Gossip had a post about "Puzzle Sandwiches" I was very excited about this and managed to source the "Lunch Punch".I bought the "Match & Munch" which creates puzzle sandwiches, but there are other interesting punches including critters, cars & fairies.

Lunch Punch

Here are some of our creations:

Lunch Punch 3

Lunch Punch 2

Lunch Punch 4

Lunch Punch 8

Lunch Punch 6

Lunch Punch 7

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